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We design, build, and check DIY family law pleadings, processes, and actions in support of Liberty and Justice for All.


Why Work With Us?

VALUE: Seeing an experienced legal technician at one of our well-equipped Pit Stops can be an extremely cost-effective option.



EXPERTISE: Legal Technicians are trained and experienced in family law specifically. Whatever situation you're going through, we've very likely seen it before.



CONVENIENCE: No waiting lists. No callbacks. Book your appointment online, where and when you need one.


IMPACT: Our solutions are designed to empower you with the tools and support you need to get through those critical points when you're most likely to need help. 


SPEED: Legal deadlines don't wait. We'll help you stay on top of those dates and times. Plus, you can even access us on nights and weekends when you need to.


PRECISION: Our Techs are authorized to help in smaller increments than is customary for most lawyers, which saves you time and money.



FLEXIBILITY: Pay as you go, with easy payment terms available.

Family Law By The Numbers


of Washington State residents are divorced


Average cost of a divorce involving child custody and support issues

8-18 mos.

Length of a typical divorce process involving children


Typical minimum upfront cost to retain a lawyer

"Liberty and Justice for All" isn't supposed to be a theory.   Frankly, the role of money in custody battles appears to have sometimes gotten out of hand.

Empowered people live better.

Many without lawyers feel kicked to the curb in court.   We want to help you get back in the driver's seat.   

We're Working to Solve The Accessibility Problem.

The past few years have seen industry after industry redefine itself around serving the needs of customers. Travel, retail, and transportation now offer more services, to more people, at speeds and costs previously unimaginable.


Yet today, 80% of family law litigants nationwide still go to court without a lawyer.


The vast majority of Americans simply cannot afford an attorney's services. According to one recent survey, the average cost of divorce in Washington State is $13,400, including $10,600 in attorney's fees. Divorces that involve child custody and support issues are even more expensive.


Put that number next to the state's average wage ($57,057 in 2015) and the math is bleak: divorce can cost more than a quarter of the average person's yearly income.


Lessons From the Share Economy


Meanwhile, the world's largest taxi company (Uber) doesn't own any cars, and the fastest growing travel accommodations company (Airbnb) doesn't own any buildings. Yet some law firms still ask their clients to cover the costs of pricey marble floors and live receptionist desks.


Our model is different. We are inspired by the sharing economy and advances in digital technology, which have made other service industries extremely efficient and cost-effective. We realize that many of our clients can't - or don't want to - pay for extras they don't need. And we think it's wildly unfair that thousands of people are shut out of the legal process because they don't have access to the same resources.


Washington came to the same conclusion: it was the first U.S. state to offer an affordable legal services option to address this unmet need. Limited license legal technicians (LLLTs for short) are well-trained legal professionals with the authority and expertise to help clients navigate the complex court system. If you haven't heard of them yet, you're not alone: the LLLT license is so new that only a few dozen professionals exist so far.


Introducing My Legal Pit Stop: A Client-Centric Approach


My Legal Pit Stop solutions bring together technology, the share economy, and the revolutionary LLLT license to expand legal access for families. Our services are designed to provide fast, affordable legal help for Pro Se litigants (people who represent themselves in court) in a way that helps bridge the gap.


Our LLLTs and attorneys coach Pro Se litigants through the process, offering affordable doses of legal advice where they are most needed: at the beginnings and ends of our clients' own efforts. Clients can use our services as much or as little as they need to, taking advantage of our legal expertise without paying for extras they don't need.


We hope the solutions we are developing help bridge the gap for people in need. Have a suggestion? Want to get involved? We'd love to hear from you.

Let's work together to enhance access to justice for families in Washington courts.