We currently
operate in Pierce, Snohomish, King (SEA & KNT), Kitsap and Skagit counties in Washington State.

pit stop

[noun] /ˈpɪt ˌstɑp/

  • a stop in the pits for servicing and refueling, especially during a race.

  • a brief rest during a journey.


Why "Legal Pit Stops?"

We love the pit stop analogy from car racing because we know fast, easy access to skilled technicians who already have the right tools can help you win and keep you safe!

And can we talk about winning, anyway?  We designed our Pit Stops to help you at least stay on the road, if not improve your chances of "winning".  What we mean by this is that we help you get strategic with scarce resources, and support you in economizing by guiding you to do as much of the work yourself as you can.  

We are an intentional refueling or retooling station for family law litigants.  Our approach enables optimal doses of professional help when you're likely to be most in need, at prices you can afford.

Let us build your MAP, CHECK your engine, and more. 


You've got a story to tell and we can help you tell it. 

Get back in that driver's seat!

Pit Stop Amenities

Our brick-and-mortar Pit Stop locations offer you a private, comfortable law office setup with access to a licensed legal provider at the LLLT level or higher.

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