Legal Technicians Can Soon Negotiate Agreements & Go with You to Court!

Nervous About Going to Court Alone?

Representing yourself in a family law case can be an overwhelming, especially if the other side has a lawyer. If you can not afford to hire an lawyer or want to DIY it, a great choice is a Limited License Legal Technician. Previously, Legal Technicians only had the ability to provide legal advice and help create paperwork which, while helpful, could leave you feeling intimidated in the courtroom.

November 28th, 2018, the Washington State Supreme Court changed the rules regulating Legal Technicians in a big way: LLLTs can go with you to court and help you through the process! This means less worry about the court in front of a judge alone. While we still can’t “represent” you the same way I lawyer can, the new rules empower both you and your legal technician to engage legal advice during your hearing.

This change is a huge step in helping people help themselves in family law courts. Having legal access available to people that need it at all income levels helps level the playing field. It makes family law more about getting to the right solution and less about who has more money. We at My Legal Pitstop, Legal Technicians we are thrilled about this change and look forward to you navigate the family law system from inside the courtroom.

Not Sure How To Divide Up Your Assets?

Going through a divorce or separation can be very stressful especially when property, retirement money, and children are involved. When you add in the issues listed above, it can go from feeling complicated to feeling impossible. That is where Washington’s Limited License Legal Technicians come in. In the Supreme Court Order Legal Technicians are empowered to help with these issues also.

Beyond appearing in court other major changes include:

  • The ability to negotiate and communicate with opposing parties and their lawyers

  • More abilities to help in cases involving children

  • The ability to attend Mediation with you

  • To help with some cases that include limited amounts of equity in single family homes and retirement funds

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We would love to help you help yourself in your Family Law Court.

New rules for Legal Technicians are attached in PDF form. We believe this order will take effect on November 28, 2018, when the next Washington Reports is published.

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