Here's a sample list flat fee projects.

Agreed Orders drafting $500

Child Support Hearings Get a MAP

DISCOVERY assistance (Propounding or Answering) Get a MAP

MEDIATION $1,000 & up

MOTIONS to Compel  $500 & up

MOTIONS on Contempt $500 & up

MOTIONS to Continue $100

MOTIONS to Default or Dismiss $350

MOTIONS to Shorten Time $300

MOTIONS for Temporary Family Law Orders $1,200 & up

PETITIONS for Divorce or Separation $500

PETITIONS for Modifications $500 & up

RESPONSES on Motions, Petitions or DVPOs  Get a MAP

RESTRAINING ORDERS (DVPO, other emergencies) $500


By licensure we handle family law only.  We do not handle contested relocation actions,

major parenting plan modifications, immigration matters, or trials of any kind 

unless the parties have agreed to terms in advance.

Prices are subject to change.  Additional Restrictions may apply.

Here is a list of the same for the SEO Gods.



Community Property


Separate Property

Real Property

Retirement Assets



Spousal Maintenance

Spousal Support


APR 28

Limited Licensed Legal Technician





APPEAR (Attorney)


Sealed Financial Source Documents

Financial Declaration

Petition for Dissolution

Response to Petition to Dissolution

Petition for Parentage

Response to a Petition for Parentage (Paternity)

Committed Intimate Relationships

Prenuptual Agreement

Separation Agreement

Anti-harassment Order

Domestic Violence Protection Order

ex parte Temporary Restraining Order

Notice of  Intent to Relocate

Objection to the Notice of Intent to Relocate

Motion for Temporary Family  Law Orders

Parenting Plan Insert

Child Support Order Insert

Financial Docs

Modification of Parenting Plan

Motion for Adequate Cause

Child Support Modification

Child Support Adjustment

Discovery: ROGS & RFPS

Discovery: Depositions

Motion for Contempt 

Motion to Enforce

Meet & Confer (CR 26)

Motion to Compel 

Motion to Continue 

Motion to Default 

Motion to Dismiss 

Motion to Clarify 

Motion to Shorten Time 

Response to (see all of the above)

Strict Reply

ex parte via the clerk 

ER 408 Protected Settlement Offer

Mediation Preparation

Agreed Orders

Arbitration Preparation

Administative Child Support Hearing

Trial Setting

LLLT appearance

Attorney Appearance

Arbitration Appearance

Mediation Appearance

Trial Books


Renote a Hearing

Story Telling: Declarations

Electronic Stipulations

Hand filing/working copies (Snoho)

e-filing with working copies (King & Pierce)