Our core values are:

1.  ValueAccess to justice for unrepresented litigants is a passion around here.   

2.  Care.  We only take cases with people we feel we can genuinely believe in and take care of.

3.  Honesty.  We'll fight to protect you from abusive litigation, and will always tell you the truth.

4.  Acceptance.  We serve all colors, genders, immigration statuses, sexual orientations, ages.

5.  Innovation.  As software industry veterans, we know greater access is possible now.

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Partner & Founder




My Legal Pit Stop, Legal Technicians ("MLPS") is Alicia's fifth tech startup.  Trained as an economist originally, Alicia got to marvel at innovations from the insides of Amazon.com (employee #317), The Boston Consulting Group's Digital Ventures, Intellectual Ventures and more.  Alicia saw the plight of unrepresented family law litigants and was willing to ask the tough questions about the role of cash in the current system.  She's seen the dark side of our imperfect system up close.  A mother to three amazing people, Alicia is humbled to work on better ways forward for families from within Poet Diane Ackerman's rendition of a Modern Bodhisattva vowYou can see Alicia's previous business antics (MBA 1995) on Linkedin.  She and partner Dr. Russell Brunelle, WSBA 54905 love farming, cooking and long distance bike rides.  They live with their two college aged adult sons, 2 chickens, 4 ducklings, 2 puppy dogs and more than 100 wild blue herons in Gig Harbor, WA.

Dr. Russell Brunelle is our trusted "golden hammer," quartermaster, and oboist. Following his Ph.D. in engineering, career in technology, and civil rights advocacy, Russell focuses on making it easier for unrepresented family law litigants to protect themselves and their families in court through clever uses of technolog(ies). You won't learn much about him on social media, because he would tell you to go watch "The Social Media Dilemma", but he might be just the right person to help you secure your digital safety, get admissible evidence off your phone.  


WSBA #54905


Vincent & Jules totally get it, and might help you get it too!


Perfectly pled arguments can be good for our moods, but nothing lifts us like puppy time with V & J!


Seen here with their brother Jack, Vincent & Jules (yes, from the movie Pulp Fiction) make it easy to focus on making positive change in the world, despite the sometimes very emotional work we do. They are also good for a little perspective: They think burger-flavored puppy chow is tasty! We actually have law clients who call and ask to visit with them, and they are all too happy to oblige.




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