Is representing myself better than hiring a lawyer?

It depends!  Representing yourself can be super smart, but can also be "pound foolish".  

Can I still hire a lawyer to help me?

YES. We just need to know about it so we can comply with the applicable rules accordingly.

Will hiring a LLLT help me save money?

Probably.  We encourage Return on Investment thinking, rather than a cost model.  

Am I eligible to use a LLLT?

Probably.  And if you're not a supervising attorney may direct anything that falls

outside of our scope .  

Can a LLLT help me with my family law matter?

It depends!  We'll help you sort that out in a MAP session.

Can you do grandparents' rights?  

Sorry, that's out of scope for us.

Does you work in other counties?

Maybe, ask us.

Can I work with MLPS remotely from anywhere?