Is representing myself better than hiring a lawyer?

It depends!  Representing yourself can be super smart, but can also be "pound foolish".  

Can I still hire a lawyer to help me?

Absolutely, in fact we have a few on staff plus we have a trusted network of 'em.

Will hiring a LLLT help me save money?

Probably, but we'd encourage you to consider a Return on Investment model, rather than a cost model.  Let's talk about it.

Am I eligible to use a LLLT?

Probably, so long as a supervising attorney directs anything that falls outside of our scope .  

Can a LLLT help me with my family law matter?

It depends!  We'll help you sort that out in a MAP session.

I want to learn about grandparents' rights.  Can I do a MAP for that?

Not with a LLLT but YES with an attorney.   

Does MLPS only work with LLLTs?

No, we contract with attorneys.  You see LLLTs cannot do attorney level work, but attorneys can (and appear to be happy to do) LLLT work.  Because we need capacity to operate at the level we hope to help, we have attorneys too.

Can I work with MLPS remotely from anywhere?

YES!  Please do.

By talking about money and court do you mean to say the system is corrupt?

Um, we personally find the idea that child custody can be skewed toward the highest spender to be icky and gross.  But there are good people and reasonable solutions out there.  Sometimes you have to work to find them.

So you talk about tech a lot.  Are you a software company?

No, but we play one on TV (this is a joke).  You see, the rules that govern lawyers and law firms were written long time before the current legal tech capabilities were a thing.  When you work with My Legal Pit Stop, Legal Technicians you're benefitting from lots of clever back end tech you won't see.

What is a LLLT?

Limited Licensed Legal Technicians. or LLLTs are a new kind of licensed legal professional who's trained to help you represent yourself in family court without a lawyer.

Are the newAPR 28 Amendments going to help people like me?

We think so, YES!

We can ow help people who as it was , may not have gotten any legal help at all.  How any of that was in the interest of tax payers in a tax payer funded system, we may never know.