Design & Implement your plan like a lawyer would.

This easy to access service does not end in "so retain us and we'll actually do something".

Not at all.

On a flat fee, a licensed provider interviews you before drafting a clear legal opinion, that lays out actionable next steps we recommend for you, as you act in court without a lawyer.  This usually results in our emailing you the correctly formatted plain language forms that allow you to implement your plan to give you a legitimate chance to do much of your legal work for yourself.


But you're not alone. 

Our partially web enabled methods also provide actionable insights into when we recommend you take what actions, so that your ask of the court is as competent as possible, yes, even without a lawyer. This service may also produce written legal correspondence on our Legal Technician firm letterhead to your opposing counsel or party (per your specific approval).

Traditional law firms are simply not set up to provide this level of value, because helping you represent yourself is distinctly different from representing you.  

MAPs also provide you with a discounted booking ticket for a CHECK service to be conducted in a specific time window, and gives you priority in our schedule accordingly.  We have learned over time that this approach can optimize our ability to partner with you to help you optimize the value of your efforts in court.  It is essential that this super valuable service be done in the time window provided so as to allow licensed legal editorial advice, confirmation, local rule compliance, privacy, scripts for oral arguments, etc. before we e-file your pleadings for you and send you a receipt.  This experience is designed to boost your competency as you act pro se while navigating the sometimes very confusing labyrinth of Responses, Strict Replies, Confirmations, Service, Working Copies, Proposed Orders and more.   

If you're having trouble getting your documents where they need to be we can walk you through what SCRIBE options, are available to you.  This means we may at your discretion, recommend that we rewrite your pleadings and sign our bar numbers on them for you, which our licensure empowers us to do.

Lastly, when you're ready, we can prepare you with a script and a practice session before APPEARing in court with you as you represent yourself.