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Fee Waivers, Child Support, Spousal Maintenance, Trial, and Legal Fee Awards all require local financial rule compliance.

AND that compliance can be tricky, because every county is different.  PLUS if you're not mindful you run the risk of spilling your personal info (like social security numbers, bank accounts, kids info) into the public domain.

For example, here's King County requirement known as Local Family Law Rule 10 (or  "LFLR 10").

Here are a few best practices you will want to use when it comes to financials

  1. COMPLY with your local rules, timely;

  2. PROTECT your privacy by redacting and sealing;

  3. USE good tools well (like PDF Xchange, which we love);

  4. E-FILE within those sometimes very pesky digital size limits;

  5. GET HELP if you need it, it could pay dividends!


* This general information can be found online and that does not construe legal advice.

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