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Fee Waivers, Child Support, Spousal Maintenance, and Legal Fee Awards all require local financial rule compliance.

However, compliance with these rules can be tricky.  In fact, time and time again we see people without lawyers spill personal info (like their kid's social security number) into the public domain because they don't know how to seal and redact their private information.  Worse, they don't submit these documents at all (in which case they're likely sunk before the hearing even starts).  Just to make it more fun, each County has different requirements.  Here's what King County requires, for example.

So because this requirement touches almost everyone in family court,  we developed free videos and sample work products you can try to DIY with.  We also created one of our RIDES specific to this, in which we'll build and e-file (where applicable) your compliance in 48 hours of receiving your source documents for $250.  This helps you:

  1. COMPLY with your local rules, timely

  2. DEFEND yourself with admissable evidence

  3. PROTECT your privacy

  4. USE resources and tools well (like PDF Xchange, which we love)

  5. E-FILE within those sometimes very pesky digital size limits.

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