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Family law courts depend on parties to comply with their orders.  When an opposing party wilfully defies a court order, you can take them to  court to enforce the orders you have.  This service drafts, e-files and guides you in getting in person service accomplished and documented including a Show Cause Calendar note (where YOU appear in court with a script we send you to get that show cause order signed in ex parte), a Motion, a Declaration, and Proposed Order(s) are prepared for your consideration within our defined editorial process. Once you approve, your pleadings are signed online, e-filed and e-served (where available).  You will receive copies of your filed pleadings and all associated receipts for filing.  This service requires at least 72 hours notice to complete once we confirm that we  have received all your source materials as discussed.  Please note Financial Docs and APPEAR services are sold separately.


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