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Happy Family

We mediate on Zoom with Couples, Families, Grandparents, and Kids over aged 13 when we've not already entered a case as legal cousel AND:

1. All parties consent in writing in advance with optional ground rules.

2. No legal professionals are involved/no legal services are needed *.

3. A one-time fee of $500 is paid with the 4 hour online booking.

* Legal services to draft agreed orders are available by separate written agreement.

Reach Agreements about: New & Modified Parenting Plans, Relocations, Divorce or Separation, to support children and/or elders through challenges and transitions.

In the 5 years that Alicia has practiced family law under a limited license in Washington State, she has successfully settled more than 200 cases involving families with kids.  Alicia goes our of her way to see the opportunities inherent in conflict, which led her to study Transformative Mediation as well as facilitative approaches from within the Thurston County's Advanced Family Law Practicum in 2019.  Alicia also handles financial matters and holds an MBA in Finance.

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Simon Shipp and Pua.JPG

In the 2 years since Simon finished his 40 hour basic mediation training, he's thought a lot about what as a child of divorce he could have benefitted from during his own family's experience of it.  Simon is an active college student who will turn 20 in May of 2023.  He is especially interested in helping families hear a child or children without offending either parent.   Seen here with "Pua", a Hawaiian poi dog.

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