Trusted Advisor

January, 2019

"When I needed help getting a child support adjustment done, I had heard about LLLTs and My Legal Pit Stop, Legal Technicians.  It was fast and easy!  I had a great experience.  I watched my legal paperwork get put together on a big screen in a way I probably couldn't have done on my own.  I got to see my pleadings filed for me electronically.  I felt protected as I watched my private information get sealed and redacted.  Cash was hard to come by at the time so I’m thrilled I could still get the help I needed.  An email sent me copies, a receipt of my filing, and advised what I could do next on my own.  I highly recommend My Legal Pit Stop, Legal Technicians."   - Robert E.


January 2019

I had a scenario in which I needed someone to stick with me and get things done.  My Legal Pit Stop, Legal Technicians made a hard family matter more affordable and less upsetting.  It was hard, I won't kid you.  It took a long time to get the result we wanted.  I felt like I had a partner to see me through to the end.  - Staci M.


November, 2018

My kid is my life,  and when I had to go to court to fight for him I was terrified.  My Legal Pit Stop, Legal Technicians stepped in and helped me get what I needed.  I was treated like a person, not the crisis I felt I was in, and I learned to trust them to help me when it mattered most. 

-Ari E.