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Responsive Fighter

October, 2021

“My experience with Alicia was amazing! She goes above and beyond to help. She helped me through my high conflict divorce and helped me to the path of regaining custody which I ended up getting. She’s a fighter and truly believes in fighting for what’s right at a cost that’s affordable. I used her to help alleviate some of the costs of having to constantly use my attorney at the time.  I Would say she not only did a better job than the attorney I was using at the time but was always available to me when I really needed her and saved me a ton of money. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone in need of help with their family law case from the smallest issues to cases like mine that are high conflict.” ️️️️️


Eric Langi

Very Affordable Effective Legal Help

October, 2021

To anyone needing help, guidance and everything in between regarding family law: Divorce, child custody, support, etc., you have the most affordable, powerful and useful help available in Washington State! My legal pitstop is your full service need for anything you need to prepare for the usually ugly battles faced in family court.  It's affordable and Alicia actually CARES about what you are going through.  Don't hesitate any longer and call Alicia at 

You'll be glad you did!


Tammy Jackson Cloy 

Kindess That Mattered

October, 2021

“Our situation was a little complicated. Fragile parties. And we worked with Alicia. We were so blessed to have such support and attentiveness. And to this day, when we need to reconvene for our Family matters, we will continue to work with Alicia.”


- Belinda Jane Fulmer

Trusted Advisor

January, 2019

"When I needed help getting a child support adjustment done, I had heard about LLLTs and My Legal Pit Stop, Legal Technicians.  It was fast and easy!  I had a great experience.  I watched my legal paperwork get put together on a big screen in a way I probably couldn't have done on my own.  I got to see my pleadings filed for me electronically.  I felt protected as I watched my private information get sealed and redacted.  Cash was hard to come by at the time so I’m thrilled I could still get the help I needed.  An email sent me copies, a receipt of my filing, and advised what I could do next on my own.  I highly recommend My Legal Pit Stop, Legal Technicians."   - Robert E.


January 2019

I had a scenario in which I needed someone to stick with me and get things done.  My Legal Pit Stop, Legal Technicians made a hard family matter more affordable and less upsetting.  It was hard, I won't kid you.  It took a long time to get the result we wanted.  I felt like I had a partner to see me through to the end.  - Staci M.


November, 2018

My kid is my life,  and when I had to go to court to fight for him I was terrified.  My Legal Pit Stop, Legal Technicians stepped in and helped me get what I needed.  I was treated like a person, not the crisis I felt I was in, and I learned to trust them to help me when it mattered most. 

-Ari E.

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